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Derived from: Node3D
Class name: Group3D
Description: It is the basic container node (collection) for grouping other nodes. In the XML scene description language, the contained nodes are placed within the begin/end tags of the group (or any of its subclasses) using the default XML nesting style.


Scene Description Language Declaration

XML node name group
Placement: Anywhere
Special notes: -
Inherited attributes: name, active, visible
New attributes:
attribute type description
- - -
event name condition
- -
Inherited events: -
New messages:
attribute value description
- - -
Inherited messages: active, visible, hide, show, deactivate, enable, activate, disable
Redefined messages: -
Obsolete messages: -


<world ambient="0.3 0.3 0.3" background="0.2 0.2 0.2">
    <camera name="first_person" aperture="50.0"
            near="2.0" far="1000" follow="Myself" primary="true">

    <group name="wolf">
        <object name="wolf_part1" file="fur.obj"></object>
        <object name="wolf_part2" file="fangs.obj"></object>
        <object name="wolf_part3" file="body.obj"></object>
    <user name="Myself" control="navigate" speed="2.0" turn="0.5"
          position="0,10,100" lookat="0,10,0" input="MouseKeyboard">

    <input name="MouseKeyboard" devicename="device0">

Last updated: 3 Jun. 2013